History of the Expedition Under the Command of Captains Lewis and Clark to the Sources of the Missouri Thence Across the Rocky Mountains and Down the River Columbia to the Pacific Ocean Performed During the Years 1804-5-6 by Order of the Government of
Forty-Five Years in China Reminiscenses
History of the Rise Progress and Termination of the American Revolution Interspersed with Biographical Political and Moral Observations Volume 2
A History of Political Theories Volume 1
A Book of Creamery and Cheese Factory Apparatus and Supplies
History of Torrington Connecticut from Its First Settlement in 1737 with Biographies and Genealogies
The Complete Poetical Works of William Wordsworth
Ye Historie of Ye Town of Greenwich County of Fairfield and State of Connecticut with Genealogical Notes on the Adams
American Diplomacy in the Orient
Lectures on the Theory of Elliptic Functions
Calendar of Documents Relating to Ireland Preserved in Her Majestys Public Record Office London 1171-1307
The Military and Colonial Policy of the United States Addresses and Reports by Elihu Root
Drying Oils Boiled Oil and Solid and Liquid Driers a Practical Work for Manufacturers of Oils Varnishes Printing Inks Oil-Cloth and Linoleum Oil-Cakes Paints Etc
The Deer Forests of Scotland
The History of Belgium
The Complete Works of Alfred Lord Tennyson
The Age of Chivalry Or Legends of King Arthur King Arthur and His Knights the Mabinogeon the Crusades Robin Hood Etc
Lectures on Quaternions Containing a Systematic Statement of a New Mathematical Method Of Which the Principles Were Communicated in 1843 to the Royal Irish Academy And Which Has Since Formed the Subject of Successive Courses of Lectures Delivered in 1
Lucretius on the Nature of Things A Philosophical Poem in Six Books
Acts of the Anti-Slavery Apostles
Leaves from the Annals of the Sisters of Mercy in Three Volumes I Ireland II England Scotland and the Colonies III America Volume Volume 1
Adoniram Judson Gordon A Biography with Letters and Illustrative Extracts Drawn from Unpublished or Uncollected Sermons and Addresses
At Home in Fiji
The Passions and the Homilies from Leabhar Breac Text Translation and Glossary Volumes 1-2
Exiled for L se Majest
Kossuth and His Generals With a Brief History of Hungary Select Speeches of Kossuth Etc
A Literary Pilgrim in England
The Complete Works of Count Tolst y Fables for Children Stories for Children Natural Science Stories Popular Education Decembrist Moral Tales
Psychology of the Unconscious A Study of the Transformations and Symbolisms of the Libido A Contribution to the History of the Evolution of Thought
The Lives of the Fathers Martyrs and Other Principal Saints Compiled from Original Monuments and Other Authentic Records Illustrated with the Remarks of Judicious Modern Critics and Historians Volume 1
The British Campaign in France and Flanders January to July 1918
The Bond of Sacrifice A Biographical Record of All British Officers Who Fell in the Great War Volume 1
English Philosophers of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries Locke Berkeley Hume
Works of Art and Artists in England Volume 1
A Noblemans Nest
A Compleat Collection of English Proverbs to Which Is Added a Collection of English Words Not Generally Used Repr Verbatim from the Ed of 1768
Parapsy Chology Frontier Science of the Mind
Pamphlets and Parodies on Political Subjects Containing 1 the House That Jack Built 2 Queens Matrimonial Ladder 3 Form of Prayer 4 Non Mi Ricordo 5 Political Showman 6 Man in the Moon 7 Rights Divine for Kings c 8 Slap at Slop
Land and Fresh Water Shells of North America Pulmonata Geophila by W G Binney and T Bland 1869
Newman and Gladstone the Vatican Decrees
A History of the Van Sickle Family in the United States of America Embracing a Full Biographical Sketch of the Author
Six Who Changed the World Moses Jesus Paul Marx Freud Einstein
The Oyster A Popular Summary of a Scientific Study
Memoir of George Dana Boardman Late Missionary to Burmah Containing Much Intelligence Relative to the Burman Mission
Outlines of Naval Routine
The Genuineness of the Text of the First Epistle of Saint John Chap V [verse] 7 Tr from the French
We Makes the Movies
An Introduction to the Rhythmic and Metric of the Classical Languages To Which Are Added the Lyric Parts of the Medea of Euripedes and the Antigone of Sophocles with Rhythmical Schemes and Commentary
The Wise Bamboo
Subcellular Particles A Symposium Held During the Meeting of the Society of General Physiologists at the Marine Biological Laboratory Woods Hole Massachusetts June 9-11 1958
Times of Refreshing A History of American Revivals from 1740-1877 with Their Philosophy and Methods
The Lone Winter
The Philosophy of Loyalty
A Text-Book of Pathology for Students of Medicine
Shakespeare in Germany in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries An Account of English Actors in Germany and the Netherlands
Upper Coquetdale Northumberland Its History Traditions Folk-Lore and Scenery
the Cell in Development and Inheritance
Text Book of Comparative General Pathology for Practitioners and Students of Veterinary Medicine
The Plays Poems of Robert Greene Volume 2
History and Genealogy of the Goodhue Family In England and America to the Year 1890
Homers Odyssey A Commentary
A Beau Sabreur Maurice de Saxe Marshal of France His Loves His Laurels and His Times 1696-1750
Historical and Biographical Annals of Berks County Pennsylvania Embracing a Concise History of the County and a Genealogical and Biographical Record of Representative Families Volume 1 Pt1
Babcock Genealogy Pt2
Ashby and Badger Ancestry
Anne Sullivan Macy the Story Behind Helen Keller
Autobiography of Andrew T Still with a History of the Discovery and Development of the Science of Osteopathy Together with an Account of the Founding of the American School of Osteopathy And Lectures Delivered Before That Institution
Lectures on the Physiology of Plants
Work= [travail]
Narrative of the Arctic Land Expedition to the Mouth of the Great Fish River and Along the Shores of the Arctic Ocean in the Years 1833 1834 and 1835
Genealogy of the Name and Family of Hunt Early Established in America from Europe Exhibiting Pedigrees of Ten Thousand Persons
The Table Book Volume 1
History of the Religious House of Pluscardyn
Recollections of a Naval Officer 1841-1865
An Account of the Native Africans in the Neighbourhood of Sierra Leone To Which Is Added an Account of the Present State of Medicine Among Them Volume Volume 1
The Northern Highlands in the Nineteenth Century Newspaper Index and Annal Volume 1
Genealogy of the Fishback Family in America the Descendants of John Fishback the Emigrant with an Historical Sketch of His Family and of the Colony at Germanna and Germantown Virginia 1714-1914
Clovernook Or Recollections of Our Neighborhood in the West 1st 2D Series
The Vicar of Bullhampton
Edward Carpenter An Exposition and an Appreciation
Discussions and Arguments on Various Subjects
The Eclipse of the abbasid Caliphate Original Chronicles of the Fourth Islamic Century Volume 5
A Dictionary of the Bible Dealing with Its Language Literature and Contents Including the Biblical Theology Volume 3
The Diary of Mrs John Graves Simcoe Wife of the First Lieutenant-Governor of the Province of Upper Canada 1792-6
Penguin Island
The Works of Joseph Conrad Volume 16
The Pope Chief of White Slavers High Priest of Intrigue Cy Jeremiah J Crowley
Four Letters on Toleration
The Collected Works of Henrik Ibsen With Introductions by William Archer and C H Herford Volume 2
Views on and of Yucatan Besides Notes Upon Parts of the State of Campeche and the Territory of Quintana Roo
Selling Mrs Consumer
An Illustrated Postal Directory with Map and Historical Notices of Twenty Parishes in East Cornwall for the New Century from AD 449 to 1901
The Cook Book
The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri Volumes 1-3
The Homilies of S John Chrysostom on the Gospel of St Matthew Volume 2
The Zend-Avesta Volume Pt1
Whispers from the Fleet
By Right of Conquest Or with Cortez in Mexico
The Story of a Cavalry Regiment Scotts 900 Eleventh New York Cavalry from the St Lawrence River to the Gulf of Mexico 1861-1865
St Paul the Traveller and the Roman Citizen
William Shakespeare
The Life of Sir Ernest Shackleton CVO OBE (Mil) LLD
The Growth of British Policy An Historical Essay Volume 1
The Kings Serjeants Officers of State with Their Coronation Services
Genealogical Gleanings of Siggins and Other Pennsylvania Families A Volume of History Biography and Colonial Revolutionary Civil and Other War Records Including Names of Many Other Warren County Pioneers
Ezekiel Daniel and the Minor Prophets Volume 26
Ontario High School Physics
New Testament Introduction (or Special Canonics)
The Unfolding of the Ages in the Revelation of John
Journal of the Public and Secret Proceedings of the Convention of the People of Georgia Held in Milledgeville and Savannah in 1861 Together with the Ordinances Adopted
The Grammar of the Lotus a New History of Classic Ornament as a Development of Sun Worship with Observations on the Bronze Culture of Prehistoric Europe as Derived from Egypt Based on the Study of Patterns
The Natural History of Juan Fernandez and Easter Island Volume Volume 2
The Pauline Theology a Study of the Origin and Correlation of the Doctrinal Teachings of the Apostle Paul
Asiatic Researches Or Transactions of the Society Instituted in Bengal for Inquiring Into the History and Antiquities the Arts Sciences and Literature of Asia Volume 1799 Volume 5
Light from the Cross
The Modern Gardener
The Complete Works of Thomas Manton Volume Volume 19
Genealogy of the Brumbach Families Including Those Using the Following Variations of the Original Name Brumbaugh Brumbach Brumback Brombaugh Brownback and Many Other Connected Families Volume 3
Northumberland Pleas from the Curia Regis and Assize Rolls 1198-1272 Volume 2
New Relation of Gaspesia With the Customs and Religion of the Gaspesian Indians Volume 5
The Annual Report of the Trustees of the Massachusetts Hospital School at Canton Volume 1912-40 Inc
The Voyage of the fox in the Arctic Seas A Narrative of the Discovery of the Fate of Sir J Franklin and His Companions
The Blackwall Frigates
A Course of Mandarin Lessons Based on Idiom Volume 2
A Century of Baptist Achievement
Travels and Voyages Into Africa Asia and America the East and West-Indies Syria Jerusalem and the Holy-Land
Hours in a Library Volume 1
Woman as Decoration
History of the Ancient Family of Marmyun Their Singular Office of Kings Champion by the Tenure of the Baronial Manor of Scrivelsby in the County of Lincoln Also Other Dignitorial Tenues and the Services of London Oxford Etc on the Coronation Day
The New Family Receipt Book Containing Eight Hundred Truly Valuable Receipts in Various Branches of Domestic Economy
Experimental Researches in Chemistry and Physics
Saadia Gaon His Life and Works
General View of the Agriculture of the County of Peebles
The Defence of Plevna 1877 Written by One Who Took Part in It
A History of New Sweden Or the Settlements on the River Delaware Translated from the Swedish with an Introd and Notes
Grimaldi the Clown
Oriental Rugs Antique and Modern
Letters from Victorian Pioneers Being a Series of Papers on the Early Occupation of the Colony the Aborigines Etc
The Disciple
How to Live Rules for Healthful Living Based on Modern Science Authorized by and Prepared in Collaboration with the Hygiene Reference Board of the Life Extension Institute Inc
The Seal Cylinders of Western Asia
The Origin of the Aryans an Account of the Prehistoric Ethnology and Civilisation of Europe
the Evolution of Forces
Collected Papers on Analytical Psychology Authorised Translation
Meagher of the Sword Speeches of Thomas Francis Meagher in Ireland 1846-1848 His Narrative of Events in Ireland in July 1848 Personal Reminiscences of Waterford Galway and His Schooldays
The Poems and Stories of Fitz-James OBrien
The Complete Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley Including Materials Never Before Printed in Any Edition of the Poems
A Review of the Baptismal Controversy
The Isle of Bute in the Olden Time With Illustrations Maps and Plans
The Epistle of St Jude and the Second Epistle of St Peter
Marriages of the Deaf in America an Inquiry Concerning the Results of Marriages of the Deaf in America
The Louisiana Planter and Sugar Manufacturer Volume 8
Official Statements of War Aims and Peace Proposals December 1916 to November 1918
On Early English Pronunciation Existing Dialectal as Compared with West Saxon Pronunciation with Two Maps of the Dialect Districts
Journal of an Embassy from the Governor-General of India to the Courts of Siam and Cochin China Exhibiting a View of the Actual State of Those Kingdoms Volume 1
Our Inheritance An Account of the Eucharistic Service in the First Three Centuries
Swallow a Tale of the Great Trek
Mines and Mining Laws of Latin America
Mungo Park and the Niger
The Life of Pythagoras
A Dictionary of the Bible
Records of Service and Campaigning in Many Lands Volume 2
The Complete Mystery of Edwin Drood
The Mode in Dress and Home
Commentaries on the Roman-Dutch Law
Memoirs of Robert-Houdin Ambassador Author and Conjurer
Internal Combustion Engines Theory and Design A Text Book on Gas- And Oil-Engines for Engineers and Students in Engineering
Official Catalogue
A Clinical Atlas of Venereal Skin Diseases Including Diagnosis Prognosis Treatment
Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine
One Thousand Years of Hubbard History 866 to 1895 from Hubba the Norse Sea King to the Enlightened Present
Metamorphoses Translated Into English Prose with the Latin Text and Order of Construction on the Same Page and Critical Historical Geographical and Classical Notes in English
Privileged Characters
The Questions of King Milinda Pt2
Miss MacKenzie
The Crusaders in the East A Brief History of the Wars of Islam with the Latins in Syria During the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries
The Psychology of Selling Life Insurance
The History of Charlestown Massachusetts
The Psalter Pointed for Singing and Set to Music According to the Use of Trinity Parish New York
Cassells Illustrated Family Bible Volume 2
Ecole de Cavalerie Volume 1
A Text-Book of Human Physiology Including Histology and Microscopical Anatomy With Special Reference to the Requirements of Practical Medicine
Beautiful Gardens in America
A Treatise on Maritime Law Including the Law of Shipping
The Crawfurd Peerage With Other Original Genealogical Historical and Biographical Particulars Relating to the Illustrious Houses of Crawfurd and Kilbirnie
Grants of Land Etc by Congress and Charter of the St Paul Pacific and of the First Division of the St Paul Pacific Railroad Companies General Railroad Laws of Minnesota and of the Territory of Dakota
The Law of Civil Liability for Personal Injuries in Texas
An Historical Sketch of Trinity Church New York
A Description of Active and Extinct Volcanos With Remarks on Their Origin Their Chemical Phaenomena and the Character of Their Products as Determined by the Condition of the Earth During the Period of Their Formation Being the Substance of Some
CH Spurgeons Autobiography Volume 3
A History and Genealogy of the Davenport Family in England and America from A D 1086 to 1850
The Art of Perfumery and the Methods of Obtaining the Odours of Plants The Growth and General Flower Farm System of Raising Fragrant Herbs With Instructions for the Manufacture of Dentifrices Cosmetics Perfumed Soap Etc
The Sikh Religion Its Gurus Sacred Writings and Authors of 6 Volume 2
The Reproach of Islam
The Rise of Silas Lapham
The Masters of Fate The Power of the Will
Plays of Edmond Rostand Volume 1
History of Indian and Eastern Architecture Volume 1
The Confessions of Augustine
Commentary on the Prophecies of Isaiah Volume 2
The Blasting of Rock in Mines Quarries Tunnels Etc A Scientific and Practical Treatise for the Use of Engineers and Others Engaged in Mining Quarrying Tunnelling and for Mining and Engineering Students
The Sikh Religion Its Gurus Sacred Writings and Authors of 6 Volume 1
Right-Hand Man
The Selected Writings of Benjamin Rush
The Science of Fairy Tales an Inquiry Into Fairy Mythology
Travels Through That Part of North America Formerly Called Louisiana Volume 2
Joseph Chamberlain An Honest Biography
Memoirs of Maximilian de Bethune Duke of Sully Prime Minister to Henry the Great Containing the History of the Life and Reign of That Monarch and His Own Administration Under Him Volume 1
Top Pop Records 1955 1974
ACTA Martyrum
Traditions of the Arapaho Fieldiana Anthropology V 5
Russia S Iron Age
The Visitation of the County of Cornwall in the Year 1620 Volume 9
United States Army in World War II the War in the Pacific Leyte the Return to the Philippines
Twentieth - Century Religious Thought the Frointers of Philosophy and Theology 1900-1960
The Unity of India Collected Writings 1937-1940
Impressions of a Tenderfoot During a Journey in Search of Sport in the Far West
The Life of Tom Morris
The Book of Prescriptions With Notes on the Pharmacology and Therapeutics of the More Important Drugs and an Index of Diseases and Remedies
The Victory at Sea
The Physicians of Myddvai
The Life of Lord Clive
Chordate Morphology
Alaska and Missions on the North Pacific Coast
Our Boys in India the Wanderings of Two Young Americans in Hindustan
The Boynton Family a Genealogy of the Descendants of William and John Boynton Who Emigrated from Yorkshire England in 1638 and Setted at Rowley Essex County Massachusetts
A Book of Public Prayer Compiled from the Authorized Formularies of Worship of the Presbyterian Church
Text-Book of Seamanship The Equipping and Handling of Vessels Under Sail or Steam for the Use of the United States Naval Academy
The Peerage of Ireland Or a Genealogical History of the Present Nobility of That Kingdom with Engravings of Their Paternal Coats of Arms by John Lodge Revised Enlarged and Continued to the Present Time
Hookers Journal of Botany and Kew Garden Miscellany Volume (1851) Volume 3
A Narrative of Incidents in the Eventful Life of a Physician
The Battle of Base-Ball
Creative Music for Children A Plan of Training Based on the Natural Evolution of Music Including the Making and Playing of Instruments Dancing--Singing--Poetry
The English Rock-Garden Volume 1
Life and Reminiscences of Hon James Emmitt As Revised by Himself
The Little Savage [ed by FS Marryat]
The Sea Gypsies of Malaya An Account of the Nomadic Mawken People of the Mergui Archipelago with a Description of Their Ways of Living Customs Habits Boats Occupations c c c
A History of the Formation and Growth of the Reformed Episcopal Church 1873-1902
The Shoe and Canoe Or Pictures of Travel in the Canadas Illustrative of Their Scenery and of Colonial Life With Facts and Opinions on Imigration State Policy and Other Points of Public Interest With Numerous Plates and Maps
The Octateuch in Ethiopic According to the Text of the Paris Codex with the Variants of Five Other Manuscripts
In Northern Mists Arctic Exploration in Early Times Volume Volume 2
School Clubs Their Organization Administration Supervision and Activities
Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament Matthew
Mr Lloyd George a Biography
An Elementary Course of Civil Engineering for the Use of Cadets of the United States Military Academy
Accounting Problems
Under Five Reigns
Herman Melville Mariner and Mystic
Cubists and Post-Impressionism
Catena Aurea St Luke
Floral Home
The Cry for Justice An Anthology of the Literature of Social Protest
Geoffrey de Mandeville A Study of the Anarchy
An Etymological Dictionary of the Gaelic Language
The Life of the Venerable Anna Maria Taigi the Roman Matron
An Index of Ancestors and Roll of Members of the Society of Colonial Wars The Honor Roll Services of Members of the Society During the World War 1917-1918
Life of Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque
The Psychology of Management The Function of the Mind in Determining Teaching and Installing Methods of Least Waste
Dictionary of the Bible
Cadastres Abr g s Des Seigneuries Appartenant La Couronne D pos s Au Greffe de Qu bec Chez Le Receveur G n ral Et Au Bureau Des Terres de la Couronne Suivant Les Dispositions Des Statuts Refondus Pour Le Bas Canada Chap 41 Sects 25 26 Et
Collections Towards the History and Antiquities of the County of Hereford
The Text of the Bruts from the Red Book of Hergest
The Complete Works of Flavius Josephus
The Immanence of God
Documents Relative to the Colonial History of the State of New York Volume 3
Production Trends in the United States Since 1870
Newspaper Writing and Editing
The Queens Regulations and Orders for the Army
Orthodoxy in Massachusetts 1630 1950
History and Description of the Ancient City of York Comprising All the Most Interesting Information Already Published in Drakes Eboracum Volume 3
The Offshore Islanders
A Treatise on Painting
A History of the Jewish People During the Maccabean and Roman Periods (Including New Testament Times)
The History of Lord Seatons Regiment (the 52nd Light Infantry) at the Battle of Waterloo Volume 1
Philodophy of Gorakhnathwith Goraksha Vacana Sangraha
Tales of Army Life
Thor Heyerdahl Aku Aku
Tales of the Punjab Told by the People
The War Lords
The Sailing Ships of New England 1607-1907 Volume 1
Works of Martin Luther With Introductions and Notes
the Prehistoric Men of Kentucky A History of What Is Known of Their Lives and Habits Together with a Description of Their Implements and Other Relics and of the Tumuli Which Have Earned for Them the Designation of Mound Builders
Lasches Magazine for the Practical Distiller A Monthly Journal Devoted to Practical and Scientific Information for the Distiller Volume 3
The Mission and Expansion of Christianity in the First Three Centuries Volume 1
The New England Historical and Genealogical Register Volume 76
The Fiddler of Lugau
The Pelicans
Lectures to Professing Christians
Redgauntlet A Tale of the Eighteenth Century [and] Woodstock Or the Cavalier
The Great Cryptogram Francis Bacons Cipher in the So-Called Shakespeare Plays Volume 1
The Cause of God and Truth
K hlers Medizinal-Pflanzen in Naturgetreuen Abbildungen Mit Kurz Erl uterndem Texte
History of Cherokee County Iowa Volume 2
General View of the Agriculture of the County of Northumberland With Observations on the Means of Its Improvement
On the Wool Track
The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association Volume 4
Mrs Abraham Lincoln
Mistica Ciudad de Dios Milagro de Sus Onmipotencia Y Abismo de la Gracia Historia Divina Y Vida de la Virgen Madre de Dios Reina Y Senora Nuestre Tomo V
Brief History of Jacob Wismer and a Complete Genealogical Family Register With Biographies of His Descendants from the Earliest Available Records to the Present Time
Geometry of Four Dimensions
The Epitaphs and Monumental Inscriptions in Greyfriars Churchyard Edinburgh
The Gael A Monthly Journal Devoted to the Preservation and Cultivation of the Irish Language and the Autonomy of the Irish Nation Volume 20
Wiltes Peerage Additional Case on Behalf of Simon Thomas Scrope Claiming the Honour and Dignity of Earl of Wiltes [with] Supplemental Case [and] Minutes of Evidence
Human Nature and Its Remaking
Gouverneur Morris
Studies of Great Composers
Historical Sketches of the Campbell Pilcher and Kindred Families Including the Bowen Russell Owen Grant Goodwin Amis Carothers Hope Taliaferro and Powell Families
Lyrical Ballads Reprinted from the First Edition of 1798
Ancient Laws and Institutes of Ireland Volume 1
A Budget of Paradoxes
Thermodynamics and Chemistry a Non-Mathematical Treatise for Chemists and Students of Chemistry
Wilhelm Meisters Apprenticeship and Travels
A Chronicle of the Kings of England
Genealogy of the Greenlee Families in America
In Memoriam Frederick Douglass
Precedents of Pleadings in Personal Actions in the Superior Courts of Common Law With Notes and an Appendix of Recent Statutes and General Rules Relating to Pleading
The Lincoln Year Book Containing Immortal Words of Abraham Lincoln
Portrait and Biographical Record of Portland and Vicinity Oregon Containing Original Sketches of Many Well Known Citizens of the Past and Present
The Apostolic Fathers Volume 2
History of Dane County Volume 2
Lun-Heng Volume 2
Diaries During the Campaigns of 1866 and 1870-71 as Well as His Journeys to the East and to Spain
Slaters Royal National and Commercial Directory and Topography of the Counties of Bedfordshire Buckinghamshire Cambridgeshire Huntingdonshire Norfolk Oxfordshire and Suffolk Comprising Classified Lists of the Merchants Bankers Professional Gent
Memorabilia of the Marches and Battles in Which the One Hundredth Regiment of Indiana Infantry Volunteers Took an Active Part War of Rebellion 1861-5
The Genuine Works of Hippocrates Volume 2
The Bantu Past and Present An Ethnographical and Historical Study of the Native Races of South Africa
The Sense of the Past By Henry James
The Art of Teaching and Studying Languages
New Essays Concerning Human Understanding
The Oxford Students History of India
A True Relation of the Holy War Made by King Shaddai Upon Diabolus for the Regaining of the Metropolis of the World Or the Losing and Taking Again of the Town of Mansoul
In the Childs World Morning Talks and Stories for Kindergartens Primary Schools and Homes
With the Lost Legion in New Zealand
Letters of Asa Gray
The Captive Missionary Being an Account of the Country and People of Abyssinia Embracing a Narrative of King Theodores Life and His Treatment of Political and Religious Missions
The Bohemians of the Latin Quarter = Sc nes de la Vie de Boh me
The History of Peru in the County of Oxford and State of Maine from 1789 to 1911 Residents and Genealogies of Their Families Also a Part of Franklin Plan
The Beautiful Lady Craven The Original Memoirs of Elizabeth Baroness Craven Afterwards Margravine of Anspach and Bayreuth and Princess Berkeley of the Holy Roman Empire (1750-1828) Volume 2
The Pastors Manual A Selection of Tracts on Pastoral Duty Containing Baxters Reformed Pastor Masons Student and Pastor Qualifications for Teachers Rules for the Preachers Conduct Booths Pastoral Cautions And Selections from Cecil Watts and N
The Fundamentals A Testimony to the Truth Volume 1-7
Thomas Hardys Wessex
The Widow Barnaby Volume 3
Wakeman Genealogy 1630-1899 Being a History of the Descendants of Samuel Wakeman of Hartford Conn and of John Wakeman Treasurer of New Haven Colony with a Few Collaterals Included
The Study of the Pulse Arterial Venous and Hepatic and of the Movements of the Heart
The Neurotic Constitution Outlines of a Comparative Individualistic Psychology and Psychotherapy
Notes on Construction in Mild Steel Arranged for the Use of Junior Draughtsmen in the Architectural and Engineering Professions
Thaddeus of Warsaw Volume 4
The Works of Oliver Goldsmith Volume 3
Public Addresses of Albert Blakeslee White Governor of West Virginia During His Term of Office Including Proclamations and Other Official Papers
Judaism and Its History In Two Parts
Footsteps of Dr Johnson (Scotland) with Illus by Lancelot Speed
A History of Texas and Texans Volume 4
A Naturalists Rambles on the Devonshire Coast
Savage Sudan Its Wild Tribes Big-Game and Bird-Life
Siberia and the Exile System Volume 1
A History of the Great Western Railway Being the Story of the Broad Gauge
W G Lawes of Savage Island and New Guinea
A Course of Counterpoint and Fugue
A Twentieth Century History of Erie County Pennsylvania A Narrative Account of Its Historic Progress Its People and Its Principal Interests Volume 2
Heroides and Amores
With the Russians in Peace and War Recollections of a Military Attach
Pleading and Practice of the High Court of Chancery Volume 2
Works of Edward Fitzgerald Volume 1
Index to American State Trials to 10 Inclusive Volume 1
Once Their Home Or Our Legacy from the Dahkotahs
Climatological Data Hawaii and Pacific Volumes 1-5
Success A Book of Ideals Helps and Examples for All Desiring to Make the Most of Life
The Battle of Bosworth Field Between Richard the Third and Henry Earl of Richmond August 22 1485 with Plans of the Battle Its Consequences the Fall Treatment and Character of Richard to Which Is Prefixed a History of His Life Till He
The Electrical Theory of the Universe Or the Elements of Physical and Moral Philosophy
Gesta Regis Henrici = the Chronicle of the Reigns of Henry II and Richard I AD 1169-1192 Volume 1
The Land of Sunshine Volumes 1-2
The Story of Cooperstown
Masterpieces of Latin Literature Terence Lucretius Catullus Virgil Horace Tibullus Propertius Ovid Petronius Martial Juvenal Cicero Caesar Livy Tacitus Pliny the Younger Apuleius With Biographical Sketches and Notes
Religious Art in France 13 Century A Study in Mediaeval Iconography and Its Sources of Inspiration Translated from the 3D Ed [rev and Enl] by Dora Nussey
The Armies of Asia and Europe Embracing Official Reports on the Armies of Japan China India Persia Italy Russia Austria Germany France and England
The Questions of King Milinda Volume 2
Chronicum Scotorum A Chronicle of Irish Affairs from the Earliest Times to AD 1135 With a Supplement Containing the Events from 1141 to 1150
The Amber Gods and Other Stories
Feeds and Feeding Abridged The Essentials of the Feeding Care and Management of Farm Animals Including Poultry Adapted and Condensed from Feeds and Feeding (18th Ed)
Documentary History of Dunmores War 1774
A System of Theology Translated with an Introd and Notes by Charles William Russell
The Story of Our English Grandfathers An Introduction to the History of Our Nation
Medical Education in Europe A Report to the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
The Prayer Book Dictionary
A Treatise on the Decorative Part of Civil Architecture
Meditations on the Mysteries of Our Holy Faith Volume 1
Hope Hathaway A Story of Western Ranch Life
Old Cornish Crosses
History of the War in the Peninsula
The Visitations of the County of Devon Comprising the Heralds Visitations of 1531 1564 1620
The Life of the Bee
The US Customs Service A Bicentennials History
The British Chess Magazine Volume 9
Life of Sir Roderick I Murchison Bart KCB FRS Sometime Director General of the Geological Survey of the United Kingdom 2 Based on His Journals and Letters
Memoirs of the Court of France from 1684 to 1720 Tr from the Diary of the Marquis de Dangeau with Notes [by J Davenport]
A History of the United States of America By Charles A Goodrich
Geometry of Time and Space
The Life and Times of Sir John Charles Molteno KCMG First Premier of Cape Colony Comprising a History of Representative Institutions and Responsible Government at the Cape and of Lord Carnarvons Confederation Policy of Sir Bartle Freres
Pratt Institute Monthly Volume 5
Old Sunapee
The Pentateuch By C F Keil and F Delitzsch
The Right Princess
Raymond or Life and Death
Roman Farm Management The Treatises of Cato and Varro Done Into English with Notes of Modern Instances by a Virginia Farmer 02
Prominent Democrats of Illinois A Brief History of the Rise and Progress of the Democratic Party of Illinois
Republican Ascendancy 1921-1933
Asiatick Researches Or Transactions of the Society Instituted in Bengal for Inquiring Into the History and Antiquities the Arts Sciences and Literature of Asia Volume 16
Richard Wagner S Prose Works Vol III the Theatre
The World Almanac Book of Facts
These Ruins Are Inhabited
Protestant Christianity Interpreted Through Its Development
Baptist Succession A Hand-Book of Baptist History
The Differential and Integral Calculus Containing Differentiation Integration Development Series Differential Equations Differences Summation Equations of Differences Calculus of Variations Definite Integrals --With Applications to Algebra
The History of Belvoir Castle From the Norman Conquest to the Nineteenth Century Accompanied by a Description of the Present Castle and Critical Notes of the Paintings Tapestry Statuary c with Which It Is Enriched
Reminiscences and Incidents in the Life and Travels of a Pioneer Preacher of the Ancient Gospel With a Few Characteristic Discourses
The Wives of Henry the Eighth And the Parts They Played in History
Soldiers in King Philips War Being a Critical Account of That War with a Concise History of the Indian Wars of New England from 1620-1677 Official Lists of the Soldiers of Massachusetts Colony Serving in Philips War and Sketches of the
The Iowa Ornithologist Volume V 1-4 (1894-98)
The History of Idaho
Christians Duty Exhibited in a Series of Hymns Collected from Various Authors Designed for the Worship of God and for the Edification of Christia
Doctor Antonio
The History of Windsor and Its Neighbourhood
Sanatana Dharma An Advanced Text Book of Hindu Religion and Ethics
Genealogy of the Dickey Family
Banks and Banking the Bank Act Canada with Notes Authorities and Decisions and the Law Relating to Cheques Warehouse Receipts Bills of Lading Etc Also the Currency Act the Dominion Notes Act the ACT Incorporating the Canadian Bankers Associati
The Work of St Optatus Bishop of Milevis Against the Donatists with Appendix
Letters of Cort s Five Letters of Relation to the Emperor Charles V Volume 1
History of Butler County Kansas
History of the Reformation of the Sixteenth Century Volume 2
The Yorkshire Woollen and Worsted Industries from the Earliest Times Up to the Industrial Revolution
An Illustrated History of the Counties of Rock and Pipestone Minnesota
Lectures on Our Israelitish Origin
A Practical Commentary on Holy Scripture For the Use of Catechists and Teachers
Old Testament Studies Being the Lessons Given at Various Union Bible Classes Held in Canada and the United States
David Balfour A Sequel to Kidnapped
The Andaman Islanders A Study in Social Anthropology (Anthony Wilkin Studentship Research 1906
German Poetical Anthology Preceded by a Concise History of German Poetry and Short Notices of the Authors Selected
Manual of Liability Insurance Rules and Rates
Manuale Basilicorum Exhibens Collationem Iuris Iustinianei Cum Iure Graeco Proiustinianeo Indicem Auctorum Recentiorum Qui Libros Iuris Romani E Graecis Subsidiis Vel Emendaverunt Vel Interpretati Sunt AC Titulos Basilicorum Cum Iure Iustinianeo
Christian Science Healing Its Principles and Practice
The Cricket of Abel Hirst and Shrewsbury
Life Letters and Diaries of Sir Stafford Northcote First Earl of Iddesleigh Volume 2
Home History Recollections of Buffalo During the Decade from 1830 to 1840 Or Fifty Years Since Descriptive and Illustrative with Incidents and Anecdotes
American Journal of Psychiatry Volume 60
Lineage Book - National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 27
Early Voyages and Travels to Russia and Persia by Anthony Jenkinson and Other Englishmen with Some Account of the First Intercourse of the English with Russia and Central Asia by Way of the Caspian Sea
Middlesex Hertfordshire Notes and Queries Volumes 1-2
A Naturalist in Western China with Vasculum Camera and Gun Being Some Account of Eleven Years Travel Exploration and Observation in the More Remote Parts of the Flowery Kingdom Camera
New Sources of Indian History 1850 1891 the Ghost Dance the Prairie Sioux a Miscellany
Nationalism and History Essays on Old and New Judaism
Old Master the Life of Jan Christian Smuts
The Valley of Kashm r
The Torrington Diaries Containing the Tours Through England and Wales
Life and Labour
Russian Money Laundering Hearings Before the Committee on Banking and Financial Services US House of Representatives One Hundred Sixth Congress First Session September 21 22 1999
The Waters of Siloe
Experience and Nature
An Historical Grammar of Japanese
The Player a Profile of an Art
The Architectural Antiquities of Northern Gujarat More Especially of the Districts Included in the Baroda State
Indian Usage and Judge-Made Law in Madras
The Letters of Robert Louis Stevenson Volume 1
Flore de la R gion M diterran enne de la France
The Economic Principles of Confucius and His School
The Seige of Quebec and the Battle of the Plains of Abraham Volume 1
Sermons on the Way of Salvation
Public Papers of Benjamin B Odell Jr Governor for 1901-1904 Volume 2
Roald Amundsens the North West Passage Being the Record of a Voyage of Exploration of the Ship Gj a 1903-1907 Volume 1
The Life and Times of Robert Gib Lord of Carribber Familiar Servitor and Master of the Stables of King James V of Scotland With Notices of His Descendants Who Held Offices of Trust Near the Person of the Sovereign in the Reigns of Queen Mary
The Twelve Minor Prophets Volume 1
Life in the Confederate Army Being the Observations and Experiences of an Alien in the South During the American Civil War
The Life of John Livingston Nevius For Forty Years a Missionary in China
Registrum Matthei Parker Diocesis Cantuariensis Volume 35
The Junior Republic Its History and Ideals
The Annals of Mont Blanc
Minnesota North and South Dakota and Montana Gazetteer and Business Directory Volume 16
The History of the 4th Battalion Norfolk Regiment (late East Norfolk Militia)
History of Augusta County Virginia
The Text of the Mabinogion and Other Welsh Tales from the Red Book of Hergest
American Spiders and Their Spinningwork a Natural History of the Orbweaving Spiders of the United States with Special Regard to Their Industry and Habits Volume 3
List of Pensioners on the Roll January 1 1883 Giving the Names of Each Pensioner the Cause for Which Pensioned the Post-Office Address the Rate of Pension Per Month and the Date of Original Allowance as Called for by Senate Resolution of December 8
Aramaic Incantation Texts from Nippur
Wild Life in the Far West Personal Adventures of a Border Mountain Man Comprising Hunting and Trapping Adventures with Kit Carson and Others Captivity and Life Among the Comanches Services Under Doniphan in the War with Mexico and in the Mexican
Inventaires de Jean Duc de Berry (1401-1416) Publi s Et Annot s Par Jules Guiffrey Volume 2
The Mufaddaliyat An Anthology of Ancient Arabian Odes According to the Recension
Old English Popular Music Volume 1
Allah Dethroned A Journey Through Modern Turkey
A Treatise on the Integral Calculus With Applications Examples and Problems Volume 1
The Latter Day Saints A Study of the Mormons in the Light of Economic Conditions
The Goodrich Family in America A Genealogy of the Descendants of John and William Goodrich of Wethersfield Conn Richard Goodrich of Guilford Conn and William Goodridge of Watertown Mass Together with a Short Historical Account of the Family
The Cruise of the Alerte The Narrative of a Search for Treasure on the Desert Island of Trinidad
Childs History of Waseca County Minnesota From Its First Settlement in 1854 to the Close of the Year 1904 a Record of Fifty Years The Story of the Pioneers
Lectures on the Science of Language
An Historical and Descriptive Account of Iceland Greenland and the Faroe Islands With Illustrations of Their Natural History
A Voyage of Discovery to the North Pacific Ocean and Round the World in the Years 1790-95 Volume 3
An Anecdotal History of Old Times in Singapore from the Foundation of the Settlement Under the Honourable the East India Company on Feb 6th 1819 to the Transfer to the Colonial Office as Part of the Colonial Possessions of the Crown on April
The Phi Gamma Delta Volumes 1-4
The Sikh Religion Its Gurus Sacred Writings and Authors (Vol III)
A Voyage of Discovery to the North Pacific Ocean and Round the World in the Years 1790-95 Volume 1
History of the Camerons with Genealogies of the Principal Families of the Name
Minerals and How to Study Them a Book for Beginners in Mineralogy with More Than 300 Illustrations
A Catholic History of Great Britain
Thatcham Berks and Its Manors Edited and Arranged for Publication by James Parker Volume 1
The History of Modern Europe With an Account of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire and a View of the Progress of Society from the Rise of the Modern Kingdoms to the Peace of Paris in 1763 in a Series of Letters from a Nobleman to His Son with A Vol
Practical Grammar of the German Language with Conversational Exercises Dialogues Idiomatic Expressions a Complete Vocabulary for the Exercises and a Selection of Reading Lessons
The Habitations of Man in All Ages Translated by Benjamin Bucknall
Report of a Geological Reconnoissance of Indiana Made During the Years 1859 and 1860 Under the Direction of the Late David Dale Owen MD State Geologist
The Technology of Sugar
Three Centuries in Champlain Valley A Collection of Historical Facts and Incidents
Public Discussion of the Issues Between the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and the Church of Christ (Disciples) Held in Kirtland Ohio Beginning February 12th and Closing March 8 1884
Symptoms of Visceral Disease a Study of the Vegatative Nervous System in Tis Relationship to Clinical Medicine
A History of Sullivan County Indiana Closing of the First Centurys History of the County and Showing the Growth of Its People Institutions Industries and Wealth Volume 1
Elementary Geometry Practical and Theoretical
The Little Madeleine
Discovery Reports 18
A Concise Description of the Endowed Grammar Schools in England and Wales Volume 1
Limiting the Insanity Defense Hearings Before the Subcomittee on Criminal Law of the Committee on the Judiciary United States Senate Ninety-Seventh Congress Second SessionJune 24 30 and July 14 1982
Duplicate Copy of the Souvenir from the Afro-American League of Tennessee to Hon James M Ashley of Ohio
Life and Times of Mrs Lucy G Thurston Wife of Rev Asa Thurston Pioneer Missionary to the Sandwich Islands Gathered from Letters and Journals Extending Over a Period of More Than Fifty Years
A Dictionary of Scientific Terms Pronunciation Derivation and Definition of Terms in Biology Botony Zoology Anatomy Cyctology Embroyology Physiology
Pattersons American Education Volume 17
Creeds of Christendom
Health Effects on Exposure to Low Level Ionozation Radiations
History of Texas Supplemented with Biographical Mention of Many Prominent Persons and Families of the State
Heroes Every Child Should Know Tales for Young People of All the Worlds Heroes in All Ages
Camdens Britannia Abridgd With Improvements and Continuations to This Present Time to Which Are Added Exact Lists of the Present Nobility of England Scotland and Ireland
The Colonial Laws of New York from the Year 1664 to the Revolution Including the Charters to the Duke of York the Commissions and Instructions to Colonial Governors the Dukes Laws the Laws of the Dongan and Leisler Assemblies the Charters of Albany
A Digest of the Law of England with Reference to the Conflict of Laws
History of the Life and Reign of Richard the Third with the Story of Perkin Warbeck
Jubilee History of Thorold Township and Town From the Town of the Red Man to the Present --
Adventures of a Younger Son a New Illustrated Ed with an Introd by Edward Garnett
The History of Christianity Consisting of the Life and Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth The Adventures of Paul and the Apostles And the Most Interesting Events in the Progress of Christianity from the Earliest Period to the Present Time
The Testing of Materials of Construction a Text-Book for the Engineering Laboratory and a Collection of the Results of Experiment
Venetian Life
The Collected Works of James Maccullagh
The Voyage of the Jeannette The Ship and Ice Journals of George W de Long Lieutenant-Commander USN and Commander of the Polar Expedition of 1879-1881 Volume 2
The Venetian Printing Press an Historical Study Based Upon Documents for the Most Part Hitherto Unpublished
History of Rome and the Popes in the Middle Ages Volume 2
The Land of the Lyre Bird A Story of Early Settlement in the Great Forest of South Gippsland Being a Description of the Big Scrub in Its Virgin State with Its Birds and Animals and of the Adventures and Hardship of Its Early Explorers and Prospectors
The Yemassee A Romance of Carolina
Jefferson County Pennsylvania Her Pioneers and People 1800-1915 Volume 2
The Historical Charters and Constitutional Documents of the City of London with an Introd Appendix and Copious Index by Walter de Gray Birch
The Attic Orators from Antiphon to Isaeus Volume 1
Perak and the Malays Sarong and Kris
Hell in Nebraska A Tale of the Nebraksa Penitentiary
A Theological Dictionary Containing Definitions of All Religious Terms A Comprehensive View of Every Article in the System of Divinity An Impartial Account of All the Principal Denominations Which Have Subsisted in the Religious World from the Birth
The Prose Works
The Copper Deposits of the Clifton-Morenci District Arizona
Collected Poems Volume 1
The Positive Background of Hindu Sociology Non-Political
Egypt the Cradle of Ancient Masonry Comprising a History of Egypt with a Comprehensive and Authentic Account of the Antiquity of Masonry Resulting from Many Years of Personal Investigation and Exhaustive Research in India Persia Syria and the
The Poetical Works of George Herbert
Four Months Cruise in a Sailing Yacht
Forty Years in Phrenology Embracing Recollections of History Anecdote and Experience
Report to the Government of Ceylon on the Pearl Oyster Fisheries of the Gulf of Manaar Part 2
Zuf llige Gedanken Und N tzliche Bedenken ber Den Streit Von Dem Sogenannten Sulphure
Pamphlet Series of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Division of International Law Issue 31
Maturation Fecundation and Segmentation of Limax Campestris Binney
The Excavations at Babylon
History of the Class of 1910 Yale College Volume 2
Acten Des Wiener Congresses in Den Jahren 1814 Und 1815 Volume 7
Wanderings in Mexico The Spirited Chronicle of Adventure in Mexican Highways and Byways
Leechdoms Wortcunning and Starcraft of Early England Preface Herbarium of Apuleius Continued from Dioskorides Etc Medicina de Quadrupedibus of Sextus Placitus
On the Penitentiary System in the United States and Its Application in France With an Appendix on Penal Colonies and Also Statistical Notes
A Genealogical History of the Noble and Illustrious Family of Courtenay In Three Parts the First Giveth an Account of the Counts of Edessa of That Family the Second of That Branch Is in France the Third of That Branch Is in England
History of the Town of Peterborough Hillsborough County New Hampshire With the Report of the Proceedings at the Centennial Celebration in 1839
Love Revealed Meditations on the Parting Words of Jesus with His Disciples in Chapters XIII XIV XV XVI XVII of the Gospel by John
Wheatons Elements of International Law
Chronicum Scotorum A Chronicle of Irish Affairs from the Earliest Times to AD 1135
A Greek Grammar Revised and Enlarged
A Short History of the Great War
The Worlds and I
The Kinnears [by H Keddie]
The Jacobite Relics of Scotland Being the Songs Airs and Legends of the Adherents to the House of Stuart Volume 1
Records of the Town of East Hampton Long Island Suffolk Co NY With Other Ancient Documents of Historic Value Volume 2
Untrodden Paths in Roumania
The Dillenian Herbaria An Account of the Dillenian Collections in the Herbarium of the University of Oxford Together with a Biographical Sketch of Dillenius Selections from His Correspondence Notes c
The Registers of the Parish Church of Kippax Co York 1539-1812 Volume 10
Geometry of Einsteins Unified Field Theory
In the Land of Marvels Folk-Tales from Austria and Bohemia
Chemistry of Food and Nutrition
The Korean Repository Volume 1
American Medicinal Plants An Illustrated and Descriptive Guide to the American Plants Used as Homopathic Remedies Their History Preparation Chemistry and Physiological Effects Volume Volume 2
Spies Traitors and Conspirators of the Late Civil War
The Trials for Treason at Indianapolis Disclosing the Plans for Establishing a North-Western Confederacy
An Introduction to Palaeontology
Looters of the Public Domain Embracing a Complete Exposure of the Fraudulent System of Acquiring Titles to the Public Lands of the United States
The Prevention of Destitution
The Iron Hunter
The Varnums of Dracutt (in Massachusetts) a History of George Varnum His Son Samuel Who Came to Ipswich about 1635 and Grandsons Thomas John and Joseph Who Settled in Dracutt and Their Descendants
The Book of Missourians The Achievements and Personnel of Notable Living Men and Women of Missouri in the Opening Decade of the Twentieth Century
Diverging Roads
Dred A Tale of the Great Dismal Swamp Together with Anti-Slavery Tales and Papers and Life in Florida After the War Volume 1
Calendar of State Papers Domestic Series of the Reign of William and Mary 1695 Addenda 1689-1695
Historical and Genealogical Record of the Descendants as Far as Known of Richard and Joan Borden Who Settled in Portsmouth Rhode Island May 1638 With Historical and Biographical Sketches of Some of Their Descendants
A Catalogue Raisonn of the Works of the Most Eminent Dutch Flemish and French Painters In Which Is Included a Short Biographical Notice of the Artists with a Copious Description of Their Principal Pictures A Statement of the Prices at Which Such
Scandinavian History
Historical Record to the Close of the Nineteenth Century of Rockland County New York
A Short History of the Confederate States of America
The Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Body Containing the Anatomy of the Bones Muscles and Joints And the Heart and Arteries
Descendants of William Shurtleff of Plymouth and Marshfield Massachusetts Volume 1
Bibliotheca Classica Or a Classical Dictionary [by J Lempriere] by J Lempriere
The New Testament Or the Book of the Holy Gospel of Our Lord and Our God Jesus the Messiah a Literal Translation from the Syriac Peschito Version
The Last Days of the French Monarchy
History and Procedure of the House of Representatives
History of the Fifty-First Indiana Veteran Volunteer Infantry a Narrative of Its Organization Marches Battles and Other Experiences in Camp and Prison From 1861 to 1866 with Revised Roster
Gregory Stone Genealogy Ancestry and Descendants of Dea Gregory Stone of Cambridge Mass 1320-1917
Argentina from a British Point of View and Notes on Argentine Life
Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas French Who Came to America from Nether Heyford Volume 1
Only a Fiddler! and OT or Life in Denmark by the Author of the Improvisatore Tr by M Howitt
A Peculiar People The Doukhobors
Pagan Christs Studies in Comparative Hierology
Tom Raw the Griffin A Burlesque Poem in Twelve Cantos Illustrated by Twenty-Five Engravings Descriptive of the Adventures of a Cadet in the East India Companys Service from the Period of His Quitting England to His Obtaining a Staff Situtation in I
Overweights of Joy
The Congress of Women Held in the Womans Building Worlds Columbian Exposition Chicago USA 1893 with Portraits Biographies and Addresses
A Guide to the History of Physical Education
The Chronicles of the White Rose of York a Ser of Hist Fragments and Other Contemporary Documents Relating to the Reign of Edward the Fourth
Encyclopedia of Engineering A Treatise on Boilers Steam Engines the Locomotive Electricity Machine Shop Practice Air Brake Practice Engineers Catechism Gas Oil Traction and Automobile Motors Refrigeration Volume 3
The English Version of the Polyglot Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments With a Copious and Original Selections of References to Parallel and Illustrative Passages
The Fulfilling of the Scripture Volume 1
The Life and Letters of Ogier Ghiselin de Busbecq Volume 2
Woodworking Machinery Its Rise Progress and Construction with Hints on the Management of Saw Mills and the Economical Conversion of Timber
New Elements of Operative Surgery Volume 2
Leading Cases of the Court of Civil Appeals of the State of Tennessee With Syllabi and Notes
History of North Brookfield Massachusetts Preceded by an Account of Old Quabaug Indian and English Occupation 1647-1676 Brookfield Records 1686-1783
The Works of John Locke Volume 4
History Description of the City of Exeter
A Guide to the History and Valuation of the Coins of Great Britain and Ireland in Gold Silver and Copper From the Earliest Period to the Present Time
A Grammar and Dictionary of the Lushai Language (Dulien Dialect)
Tales of the North American Indians And Adventures of the Early Settlers in America
An Old Family Or the Setons of Scotland and America
Neurographs A Series of Neurological Studies Cases and Notes
Rhode Island Historical Society Collections (1835) Volumes 11-14
Elizabeth Empress of Austria A Memoir
Tent Life in Siberia and Adventures Among the Koraks and Other Tribes in Kamtchatka and Northern Asia
A Catalogue of the Names of the Early Puritan Settlers of the Colony of Connecticut With the Time of Their Arrival in the Country and Colony Their Standing in Society Place of Residence Condition in Life Where From Business c as Far as Is Found
Narrative of the Texan Santa F Expedition Comprising a Description of a Tour Through Texas and Final Capture of the Texans and Their March as Prisoners to the City of Mexico Volume 2
Algebraic Geometry
Oeuvres Compl tes de Alfred de Musset Edition Orn e de 28 Gravures dApr s Les Dessins de M Bida dUn Portrait Grav Par M Flameng dApr s lOriginal de M Landelle Et Accompagn e dUne Notice Sur Alfred de Musset Par Son Fr re
Wanderings in the Great Forests of Borneo Travels and Researches of a Naturalist in Sarawak
The Truth about the Titanic
Old Men Forget
Te Magnificent Century the Pageant of England
Mother India
Historical Memoranda Concerning Persons Places in Old Dover NH
Nuer Religion
Our Pioneer Ancestors Genealogical and Biographical Histories of the Cox-Stout Families
Twenty Years of Education for Journalism a History of the School of Journalism of the University of Missouri Columbia Missouri U S A
A History of Germany from the Earliest Times to the Present Day
A History of Banking in All the Leading Nations Great Britain by H D MacLeod
Aeneidea Or Critical Exegetial and Aesthetical Remarks on the Aeneis Volume 4
The History of the Jews Judaism and Christianity Modern Judaism
Herbert Hoover The Man and His Work
The Education of Henry Adams An Autobiography
With the Mission to Menelik 1897
The Magyars Their Country and Institutions Volume 2
The United States Post-Office Guide
Cuatro Jinetes del Apocalipsis Los (novela)
Orissa Volume 2
Canadian Criminal Cases Annotated Series of Reports of Important Decisions in Criminal and Quasi-Criminal Cases in Canada Under the Laws of the Dominion and of the Provinces Thereof with Special Reference to Decisions Under the Criminal Code of Canada
A History of Matrimonial Institutions Chiefly in England and the United States With an Introductory Analysis of the Literature and the Theories of Primitive Marriage and the Family Volume 3
Hereward the Wake Last of the English
Reminiscences of Bureau County [illinois] in Two Parts Parts 1-2
With the Help of God and a Few Marines
John Knox A Biography Volume 2
Extracts from the Records of the Merchant Adventurers of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Volume 1 Volume 93
The African Repository and Colonial Journal Volume 4
Life Chords Comprising zenith loyal Responses and Other Poems [ed by MVG Havergal]
History of Miami County Indiana A Narrative Account of Its Historical Progress Its People and Its Principal Interests Volume 1
Second Report of the Royal Commission on Coal Supplies Volume 2
A Wonder Book And Tanglewood Tales
Miracle and Science Bible Miracles Examined by the Methods Rules and Tests of the Science of Jurisprudence as Administered Today in Courts of Justice
Beliefs and Superstitions of the Pennsylvania Germans
Tristan and Isolde
Burton Holmes Travelogues St Petersburg Moscow the Trans-Siberian Railway
Salmon Fishing With a Frontispiece by Joseph Farquharson a Facsimile in Colours of a Model Set of Flies for Scotland Ireland England and Wales Illustrations of Angling Scenes Characteristic of These Parts of the United Kingdom and Pictures of Salmon
Trials in Connection with the North-West Rebellion 1885
Michigan as a Province Territory and State Michigan as a State from Its Admission to the Union to the Close of the Civil War by B M Cutcheon
Fifty-Three Years in Syria Volume 2
The Psychology of Froebels Play-Gifts
Account of Some of the Families Bearing the Name of Heathcote Which Have Descended Out of the County of Derby
History of Princeton and Its Institutions Volume 1
Hutchinsons Splendour of the Heavens A Popular Authoritative Astronomy Volume 1
Walks in Rome Volume 2
Christ Crucified or the Marrow of the Gospel Evidently Holden Forth in Seventy Two Sermons on the Whole Fifty Third Chapter of Isaiah
Proceedings of the Brest-Litovsk Peace Conference The Peace Negotiations Between Russia and the Central Powers 21 November 1917-3 March 1918
Portrait and Biographical Record of Berrien and Cass Counties Michigan Containing Biographical Sketches of Prominent and Representative Citizens and of the Presidents of the United States
Virgil C Hart Missionary Statesman Founder of the American and Canadian Missions in Central and West China
History of Steuben County Indiana Together With Biographies of Representative Citizens
The English Poems of George Herbert
McMillan Genealogy History A Record of the Descendants of John McMillan and Mary Arnott His Wife Who Were Born and Married in Scotland Removed to the North of Ireland and Thence to Washington County New York about the Middle of the Eighteenth Cent
History of Doylestown Old and New from Its Settlement to the Close of the Nineteenth Century 1745-1900
The Holders of Holderness A History and Genealogy of the Holder Family with Especial Reference to Christopher Holder Head of the American Quaker Branch
Catalogue of the Torlonia Museum of Ancient Sculpture
The Stable Book Being a Treatise on the Management of Horses in Relation to Stabling Grooming Feeding Watering and Working
Wonders of Water
Solubilities of Inorganic and Organic Compounds A Compilation of Quantitative Solubility Data from the Periodical Literature Volume 2
Sylva Or a Discourse of Forest Trees Volume 1
The Public Statutes at Large of the United States of America Volume 2
The Newfoundland Quarterl Volume 7-9
History of the City of Buffalo and Erie County History of Erie County
Two Wars An Autobiography of General Samuel G French Mexican War War Between the States a Diary Reconstruction Period His Experience Incidents Reminiscences Etc
A New and Complete Concordance or Verbal Index to Words Phrases Passages in the Dramatic Works of Shakespeare with a Supplementary Concordance to the Poems Volume 1
Modern Painting Its Tendency and Meaning
Skyscrapers and the Men Who Build Them
A Superfluous Woman
Stages to Saturn A Technological History of the Apollo Saturn Launch Vehicles
Life and Works of Saint Bernard Abbot of Clairvaux Volume 2
Simplicissimus the Vagabond That Is - The Life of a Strange Adventurer Named Melchior Sternfels Von Fuchshaim Given Forth by German Schleifheim Von Sulsfort in the Year MDCLXIX Translated by ATS Goodrick With an Introd by William Rose
The Sworn Brothers a Tale of the Early Days of Iceland
Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine Volume 56
Portrait Biographical Record of Stark County Ohio Containing Biographical Sketches of Prominent and Representative Citizens Together with Biographies and Portraits of All the Presidents of the United States
The Newer Knowledge of Nutrition The Use of Food for the Preservation of Vitality and Health
The Heart of Japan
The Growth of the Soul A Sequel to Esoteric Buddhism
Emily Fox-Seton Being the Making of a Marchioness and the Methods of Lady Walderhurst
Office Organisation and Management Including Secretarial Work
A History of Ottoman Poetry Volume 1
Psychosophy in Six Parts
Text Book on Motor Car Engineering Volume 1
Historical and Genealogical Record of the First Settlers of Colchester County Down to the Present Time
Life Insurance A Textbook
New Patterns of Power and Profit A Strategists Guide to Competitive Advantage in the Age of Digital Transformation
Essays on Chivalry Romance and the Drama
The Genealogy of the Pendarvis-Bedon Families of South Carolina 1670-1900 Together with Lineal Ancestry of Husbands and Wives Who Intermarried with Them Also References to Many Associated Southern Families
The Tagalog Language A Comprehensive Grammatical Treatise Adapted to Self-Instruction and Particularly Designed for Use of Those Engaged in Government Service or in Business or Trade in the Philippines
A Practical Treatise on the Diseases of the Testis and of the Spermatic Cord and Scrotum With Numerous Wood Engravings
The Works of William Perkins Volume 6
Report of the Federal Trade Commission on Methods and Operations of Grain Exporters Volume 2
The Real Hawaii Its History and Present Condition Including the True Story of the Revolution
Studies in Ancient History Comprising a Reprint of Primitive Marriage by the Late John Ferguson McLennan
Case Studies in Existential Therapy Translating Theory Into Practice
The Birds of Jamaica by PH Gosse Assisted by R Hill [with] Illustrations
A Nautical and Technical Dictionary of the English and Italian Languages
Old Faces Old Places and Old Stories of Stirling
The Poetical Works of Anna Seward With Extracts from Her Literary Correspondence Volume 1
The Letters of Junius With Notes and Illustrations Historical Political Biographical and Critical Volume 1
A Treatise on Christian Doctrine Compiled from the Holy Scriptures Alone
Truffe La Botanique de la Truffe Et Des Plantes Truffi res--Sol--Climat--Pays Producteurs--Composition Chimique--Culture--R colte--Commerce--Fraudes--Qualit s Alimentaires--Conserves--Pr parations Culinaires
The Pedagogical Seminary Volume 20 Volume 25
Horses Worn to Mere Shadows The Victorio Campaign 1880
The Correspondence of the Right Honourable William Wickham from the Year 1794 Volume 2
Old World Hero Stories
Pmr Oral Boards Made Easy 20 Oral Board Practice Cases
How to Write Business Letters
A Compendium of Food-Microscopy with Sections on Drugs Water and Tobacco
A History of the Castles Mansions and Manors of Western Sussex by DGC Elwes Assisted by CJ Robinson
The Letters and Works of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu Volume 3
Paris Universal Exhibition 1855 Catalogue of the Works Exhibited in the British Section of the Exhibition in French and English Together with Exhibitors Prospectuses Prices Current c
A Practical Introduction to the Study of Japanese Writing
History of the Plague in London 1665 To Which Is Added the Great Fire of London 1666
Etidorpha Or the End of the Earth The Strange History of a Mysterious Being and the Account of a Remarkable Journey as Communicated in Manuscript to Llewelly Drury Who Promised to Print the Same But Finally Evaded the Responsibility Which Was
Dress Design
The Indian Tribes of the Upper Mississippi Valley and Region of the Great Lakes as Described by Nicolas Perrot French Commandant in the Northwest Bacquevile de la Potherie French Royal Commissioner to Canada
Every-Day Soldier Life Or a History of the One Hundred and Thirteenth Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Nelly Bracken A Tale of Forty Years Ago
The New Testament Manuscripts of the Freer Collection
The Construction of the Panama Canal
Inca Land Explorations in the Highlands of Peru with Illustrations
Christian Nurture By Horace Bushnell
The Geology of the Oil Regions of Warren Venango Clarion and Butler Counties Including Surveys of the Garland and Panama Conglomerates in Warren and Crawford and in Chautauqua Co NY Descriptions of Oil Well Rigs and Tools and a Discussion
The British Perfumer Being a Collection of Choice Receipts and Observations Made During an Extensive Practice of Thirty Years by Which Any Lady or Gentleman May Prepare Their Own Articles of the Best Quality Whether of Perfumery Snuffs or
A New Life of Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Tagebuch W hrend Meines Aufenthalts in Frankreich Volume 2
History of Detroit and Wayne County and Early Michigan A Chronological Cyclopedia of the Past and Present
The American Tailor and Cutter Volume 30
hail and Farewell!
The Excellences of the Congregation of the Oratory of St Philip Neri
My Diary in India in the Year 1858-9 My Diary in India in the Year 1858-9 Volume 1
The Old Whaling Days A History of Southern New Zealand from 1830 to 1840
Lights and Shades of Ireland
Stradling Correspondence A Series of Letters Written in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth with Notices of the Family of Stradling of St Donats Castle Co Glamorgan
The History of Cape May County New Jersey From the Aboriginal Times to the Present Day
A Brief History of Education A History of the Practice and Progress and Organization of Education
The Convivio of Dante Alighieri
A Burmese Loneliness A Tale of Travel in Burma the Southern Shan States and Keng Tung
A Memorial and Biographical History of Northern California Illustrated Containing a History of This Important Section of the Pacific Coast from the Earliest Period of Its Occupancyand Biographical Mention of Many of Its Most Eminent Pioneers and Also
Final Proof Or the Value of Evidence
The Burgess Animal Book for Children
Our Sentimental Garden
Letters of Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy from 1833 to 1847
Horseless Vehicles Automobiles Motor Cycles Operated by Steam Hydro-Carbon Electric and Pneumatic Motors A Practical Treatise for Everyone Interested in the Development Use and Care of the Automobile Including a Special Chapter on How to Build
The Koran Commonly Called the Alkoran of Mohammed
Principles of Accounting
First-Year Mathematics for Secondary Schools
The Housekeepers Instructor Or Universal Family Cook Being a Full and Clear Display of the Art of Cookery in All Its Branches to Which Is Added the Complete Art of Carving
Early Zoroastrianism Lectures Delivered at Oxford and in London February to May 1912
Pioneering Venus A Planet Unveiled
The Pottery and Porcelain of the United States An Historical Review of American Ceramic Art from the Earliest Times to the Present Day
China and Her People Being the Observations Reminiscences and Conclusions of an American Diplomat by the Hon Charles Denby Profusely Illustrated with Reproductions of Photographs Collected by the Author Volume 2
Ancestors and Descendants of Andrew Moore 1612-1897 Volume 1
The Tempo of Modern Life
Pen and Pencil Sketches Being the Journal of a Tour in India Volume 2
The Attic Theatre A Description of the Stage and Theatre of the Athenians and of the Dramatic Performances at Athens
Robespierre and the French Revolution
Town Records of Derby Connecticut 1655-1710
On the Veldt in the Seventies
The Creation of Manitoba Or a History of the Red River Troubles
The Reminiscences and Recollections of Captain Gronow Being Anecdotes of the Camp Court Clubs Society 1810-1860 Volume 1
The Eclectic Practice in Diseases of Children
The Metallography of Iron and Steel
American Tariff Controversies in the Nineteenth Century Volume 1
National Portrait Gallery of Illustrious and Eminent Personages of the Nineteenth Century
Plane Trigonometry
Report of the Royal Commission on the Practice of Subjecting Live Animals to Experiments for Scientific Purposes
The History of Protestant Missions in India From Their Commencement in 1706 to 1881
Narrative of a Voyage to the Southern Atlantic Ocean in the Years 18282930 Performed in HM Sloop Chanticleer Volume 1
Veterinary State Board Questions and Answers
Tea Machinery and Tea Factories A Descriptive Treatise on the Mechanical Appliances Required in the Cultivation of the Tea Plant and the Preparation of Tea for the Market
The Romance of Steel The Story of a Thousand Millionaires
The Poems of Philip Freneau Poet of the American Revolution Volume 1
Types and Details of Bridge Construction Volume 2
Galileo Galilei and the Roman Curia
The Topographical Statistical and Historical Gazetteer of Scotland With a Complete County-Atlas from Recent Surveys Exhibiting All the Lines of Road Rail and Canal Communication And an Appendix Containing the Results of the Census of 1851 Volume
Autobiography of Sir George Biddell Airy
The Theory and Practice of Surveying Containing All the Instructions Requisite for the Skilful [sic] Practice of This Art with a New Set of Accurate Mathematical Tables
The Whitney Family of Connecticut and Its Affiliations Being an Attempt to Trace the Descendants as Well in the Female as the Male Lines of Henry Whitney from 1649 to 1878 To Which Is Prefixed Some Account of the Whitneys of England Volume 3
The Whalebone Whales of the Western North Atlantic Compared with Those Occurring in European Waters
In Moorish Captivity An Account of the Tourmaline Expedition to Sus 1897-98
A Short History of Modern Peoples (Part II of World Progress)
Chaldea from the Earliest Times to the Rise of Assyria (Treated as a General Introduction to the Study of Ancient History)
A Woman Who Went to Alaska
The Plant-Lore Garden-Craft of Shakespeare
The Practice of Navigation and Nautical Astronomy
The Life of the Late General FR Chesney Colonel Commandant Royal Artillery
Familiar Quotations
The Presidents of the United States 1789-1914 02
The Pagan Tribes of Borneo A Description of Their Physical Moral Intellectual Condition with Some Discussion of Their Ethnic Relations Volume 2
A Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms with an Appendix Embracing a Dictionary of Briticisms Americanisms Colloquial Phrases Etc
Our Search for a Wilderness An Account of Two Ornithological Expeditions to Venezuela and to British Guiana
The Totall Discourse of the Rare Adventures Painefull Peregrinations of Long Nineteen Yeares Travayles from Scotland to the Most Famous Kingdomes in Europe Asia and Affrica
A Compilation of the Bar Examination Questions of the State of New York Since 1896 with Answers References and Notes Also Rules Regulating Law Examinations Adopted by the State Board of Law Examiners for the Year 1901 and the Rules for Admission
Chess Its Poetry and Its Prose A Practical and Theoretical Treatise on the Arts of Composing and Solving Chess Problems with Numerous Illus Diagrams Containing Essays on the Principles of Porblem Composition Practical Composition the Art of
Capt Francis Champernowne the Dutch Conquest of Acadie and Other Historical Papers
Abstracts of Wiltshire Inquisitiones Post Mortem Returned Into the Court of Chancery King Charles the First
Genealogy of the Fell Family in America Descended from Joseph Fell Who Settled in Bucks County Pennsylvania 1705 With Some Account of the Family Remaining in England c
The Ohio Architect and Builder Volume 26
The Cliff-Dwellers
Schlegels German-American Families in the United States Genealogical and Biographical Illustrated Volume 3
Theosophical Manuals Volumes 10-14
The State of Church Giving Through 2016 What Do Denominational Leaders Want to Do with $368 Billion More a Year?
A Handbook on the Steam Engine With Special Reference to Small and Medium-Sized Engines For the Use of Engine Makers Mechanical Draughtsmen Engineering Students and Users of Steam Power
Catalogue of the Royal Gallery En Venice
A History of Nursing The Evolution of Nursing Systems from the Earliest Times to the Foundations of the First English and American Training Schools for Nurses Volume 2
A Manual of Yacht and Boat Sailing
Historic Macao
Congressional Procedure A Practical Guide to the Legislative Process in the US Congress The House of Representatives and Senate Explained
The History of Rinaldo Rinaldini Captain of Banditti Volumes 1-2
The Life of Andrew Melville Containing Illustrations of the Ecclesiastical and Literary History of Scotland During the Latter Part of the Sixteenth and Beginning of the Seventeenth Century with an Appendix Consisting of Original Papers Volume 1
Kind-Hearts Dream
The Wheel of Time Collaboration Owen Wingrave
The Reality of Psychic Phenomena Raps Levitations Etc
Reminiscences of Early Free Methodism
Birds Through an Opera Glass
History and Review of Copper Iron Silver Slate and Other Material Interests of the South Shore of Lake Superior
A Deal in Wheat And Other Stories of the New and Old West
The Theory of Determinants and Their Applications 2D Ed Rev by GB Mathews
Terminations The Death of the Lion the Coxon Fund the Middle Years the Altar of the Dead
Wonder Women in History
The Sense of Beauty Being the Outline of Aesthetic Theory
The I II III Philipics of Demosthenes with Historical Introductions and Critical and Explanatory Notes
The Philosophy of Change A Study of the Fundamental Principle of the Philosophy of Bergson
History of the Reformation
A Volunteer Poilu
Five Years a Dragoon (49 to 54)
The Works of Lactantius
An Abridgment of the Indian Affairs Contained in Four Folio Volumes Transacted in the Colony of New York from the Year 1678 to the Year 1751
The Siege of Carlaverock in the XXVIII Edward I AD MCCC With the Arms of the Earls Barons and Knights Who Were Present on the Occasion With a Translation a History of the Castle and Memoirs of the Personages Commemorated by the Poet by Nicholas
The Journal of Latrobe Being the Notes and Sketches of an Architect Naturalist and Traveler in the United States from 1797 to 1820
Old Bailey Experience Criminal Jurisprudence and the Actual Working of Our Penal Code of Laws Also an Essay on Prison Discipline to Which Is Added a History of the Crimes Committed by Offenders in the Present Day
Quatre-Bras Ligny and Waterloo A Narrative of the Campaign in Belgium 1815
A Century of Banking in New York 1822-1922
Episcopal Registers Diocese of Worcester Register of Bishop Godfrey Giffard September 23rd 1268 to August 15th 1301
The Complete Herbal To Which Is Now Added Upwards of One Hundred Additional Herbs to Which Are Now First Annexed the English Physician Enlarged and Key to Physic Forming a Complete Family Dispensatory and Natural System of Physic to Which
Thirty Years of Shikar
Textbook of Geology
Audels Gas Engine Manual A Practical Treatise Relating to the Theory and Management of Gas Gasoline and Oil Engines Including Chapters on Producer Gas Plants Marine Motors and Automobile Engines
On the Origin of Species By Means of Natural Selection Or the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life
Gujarati Exercises Or a New Mode of Learning to Read Write or Speak the Gujarati Language on the Ollendorffian System
Memoirs of the Early Life and Service of a Field Officer [d Price] on the Retired List of the Indian Army
Travels in North America in the Years 1827 and 1828 Volume 3
Outlines of Historical Jurisprudence Outlines of Historical Jurisprudence Volume 1
Historical and Descriptive Sketches of Suffolk County and Its Towns Villages Hamlets Scenery Institutions and Important Enterprises With a Historical Outline of Long Island from Its First Settlement by Europeans
Selected Dramas
The Prose Works of Jonathan Swift The Journal to Stella AD 1710-1713
Old London Silver Its History Its Makers and Its Marks
History of the College of New Jersey From Its Origin in 1746 to the Commencement of 1854 Volume 1
Select Charters and Other Documents Illustrative of American History 1606-1775
Lenox and the Berkshire Highlands
Naval Strategy Compared and Contrasted with the Principles and Practice of Military Operations on Land Lectures Delivered at US Naval War College Newport RI Between the Years 1887-1911
A Journey Made in the Summer of 1794 Through Holland and the Western Frontier of Germany with a Return Down the Rhine To Which Are Added Observations During a Tour to the Lakes of Lancashire Westmoreland and Cumberland
The King and the People of Fiji Containing a Life of Thakombau With Notices of the Fijians Their Manners Customs and Superstitions Previous to the Great Religious Reformation in 1854
Thirteen Years Among the Wild Beasts of India Their Haunts and Habits from Personal Observation With an Account of the Modes of Capturing and Taming Elephants
The Chronicles of the White Rose of York A Series of Historical Fragments Proclamations Letters and Other Contemporary Documents Relating to the Reign of King Edward the Fourth With Notes and Illustrations and a Copious Index
National System of Political Economy
Caledonia Or a Historical and Topographical Account of North Britain from the Most Ancient to the Present Times With a Dictionary of Places Chorographical and Philological Volume 4
Memorials of the Descendants of William Shattuck The Progenitor of the Families in America That Have Borne His Name Including an Introductio and an Appendix Containing Collateral Information
On the Operative Surgery of the Foot and Ankle-Joint
Steam Power Plant Piping System Their Design Installation and Maintenance
Historical View of the American Revolution
The New North Being Some Account of a Womans Journey Through Canada to the Arctic
A Memoir of Sir John Drummond Hay PC KCB GCMG Sometime Minister at the Court of Morrocco
Christian Theology by A Clarke Selected from His Writings with a Life of the Author by S Dunn
Traces of the Elder Faiths of Ireland A Folklore Sketch A Handbook of Irish Pre-Christian Traditions Volume 2
The Practical Book of Period Furniture
Fontenoy and Great Britains Share in the War of the Austrian Succession 1741-1748
Jenkinsons Practical Guide to the English Lake District
The Collected Works of William Hazlitt Lectures on the English Poets and on the Dramatic Literature of the Age of Elizabeth Etc
Bar-20 Days
Chess Player Volumes 1-2
Physics and Chemistry for Nurses
A Biography of the Brothers [iE and WH] Davenport
With Wordsworth in England Being a Selection of the Poems and Letters of William Wordsworth Which Have to Do with English Scenery and English Life
Alumni Oxonienses The Members of the University of Oxford 1715-1886 Their Parentage Birthplace and Year of Birth with a Record of Their Degrees Being the Matriculation Register of the University Alphabetically Arranged Revised and Annotated Volu
Works Catherine A Story Mens Wives the Bedford-Row Conspiracy
An Account of the Last Mission and Death of Thomas William Bowlby
History of the Indians of Connecticut from the Earliest Known Period to 1850
Red Letter Days of My Life Volume 1
The Life of General the Right Honourable Sir David Baird Bart Volume 1
The Complete Works of Thomas Carlyle
Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County Massachusetts 1662-1667
An Original and Authentic Journal of Occurrences During the Late American War from Its Commencement to the Year 1783
Report on the Turton Collection of South African Marine Mollusks With Additional Notes on Other South African Shells Contained in the United States National Museum
Marshall Turenne
A History of the Knights of Malta Or the Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem
Memoirs of the Life of the Rev Charles Simeon
The Life of Samuel J Tilden Volume 1
Lectures on Chemistry and Explosives Delivered to the Summer Class of Officers of 1888 at the Torpedo Station
The Book of Cheese
The Ancient Volcanoes of Great Britain Volume 2
The Magna Charta Barons and Their American Descendants with the Pedigrees of the Founders of the Order of Runnemede Deduced from the Sureties for the Enforcement of the Statutes of the Magna Charta of King John
The Chainbearer Or the Littlepage Manuscripts Volumes 1-2
The Lives of the Chief Justices of England From the Norman Conquest Till the Death of Lord Mansfield Volume 3
Wood and Other Organic Structural Materials
The Governance of England
The History of Putnam County NY With an Enumeration of Its Towns Villages Rivers Creeks Lakes Ponds Mountains Hills and Geological Features Local Traditions and Short Biographical Sketches of Early Settlers Etc
A Voice from the Congo Comprising Stories Anecdotes and Descriptive Notes
Catholic Socialism
The Genesis of the New England Churches
The Murphy Family Genealogical Historical and Biographical with Official Statistics of the Part Played by Members of This Numerous Family in the Making and Maintenance of This Great American Republic
In the Heart of the Sierras The Yo Semite Valley Both Historical and Descriptive And Scenes by the Way Big Tree Groves and Other Objects of Intest With Tables of Distances and Altitudes Maps Etc
The Scandinavian Kingdom of Dublin
Four Letters on the Proposals for Peace with the Regicide Directory of France
Vondels Lucifer
The Tower of London a Historical Romance
On Christian Doctrine The Enchiridion
The New New Guinea
A Text-Book of Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology
Clinical Lectures on Paralysis Certain Diseases of the Brain and Other Affections of the Nervous System
William Makepeace Thackeray A Biography Including Hitherto Uncollected Letters Speeches a Bibliography of 1300 Items Volume 2
The Rural and Domestic Life of Germany With Characteristic Sketches of Its Cities and Scenery Collected in a General Tour and During a Residence in the Country in the Years 1840 41 and 42
My Diary in India in the Year 1858-9 Volume 1
Rational Theology and Christian Philosophy in England in the Seventeenth Century Volume 2
England in the Seven Years War A Study in Combined Strategy Volume 2
Evolution of the English Bible An Historical Sketch of the Successive Versions from 1382 to 1885
Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research Volume 22
Journals of the House of Burgesses of Virginia 1766-1769
Lineage Book - National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 26
Johnny Ludlow
The History of the Parishes of Sherburn and Cawood with Notices of Wistow Saxton Towton Etc
Records of the Guthrie Family of Pennsylvania Connecticut and Virginia With Ancestry of Those Who Have Intermarried with the Family
The Bond of Sacrifice A Biographical Record of All British Officers Who Fell in the Great War Volume 1
Fanny Fern [pseud] A Memorial Volume Containing Her Select Writings and a Memoir
Wilhelm Meisters Apprenticeship and Travels Translated from the German of Goethe
An Elementary Latin Dictionary
Report of the Royal Commission on Alleged Chinese Gambling and Immorality and Charges of Bribery Against Members of the Police Force Appointed August 20 1891
Journals of the House of Representatives of Massachusetts Volume 2
A View of the Evidences of Christianity
Travels in North America During the Years 1834 1835 1836 Including a Summer Residence with the Pawnee Tribe of Indians in the Remote Prairies of the Missouri and a Visit to Cuba and the Azore Islands Volume 1
Psychology General and Applied
Memorials of Edward Burne-Jones Volume 2
Wild Beasts A Study of the Characters and Habits of the Elephant Lion Leopard Panther Jaguar Tiger Puma Wolf and Grizzly Bear
The West Coast of South America Including Magellan Strait Tierra del Fuego and the Outlying Islands
Plutarchs Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans First Volume
Drill Work Methods and Costs A Practical Treatise Covering the Methods Used in Drilling Wells with Cable and Hollow Rod Tools
Annals of the Reformation and Establishment of Religion And Other Various Occurrences in the Church and State of England from the Accession of Queen Elizabeth to the Crown Anno 1558 to the Commencement of the Reign of King James I
An Introduction to the Theory of Statistics
The New School Reader Fourth Book Embracing a Comprehensive System of Instruction in the Principles of Elocution with a Choice Collection of Reading Lessons in Prose and Poetry from the Most Approved Authors For the Use of Academies and the Higher C
Prostitution in Europe
Le Jouvencel Suivi Du Commentaire
Queer Things about Sicily
Aeneid Books 1-6
Optical Projection A Treatise on the Use of the Lantern in Exhibition and Scientific Demonstration
The Master Key
America and Her Commentators With a Critical Sketch of Travel in the United States
Kilkenny City and Country Guide and Directory
Four Years at the Court of Henry VIII Volume 1 of Four Years at the Court of Henry VIII
Recollections of a Happy Life Being the Autobiography of Marianne North Volume 1
Biographia Borealis Northern Worthies Ed by His Brother [dColeridge] with the Corrections of the Author and the Marginal Observations of STColeridge
A Practical Grammar of the Dutch Language
Pianos and Their Makers Development of the Piano Industry in America Since the Centennial Exhibition at Philadelphia 1876
Old Age Its Cause and Prevention
Italian Masters in German Galleries a Critical Essay Tr by LM Richter
A Monograph of the Fossil Reptilia of the Liassic Formations
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